Profi- Nagelfeile Diamant (spitz) 100/180

Zebra Pro Nail Files available in 7 different shapes.


  • Banana (curved)
  • Rounded (straight)
  • Diamond (pointed)
  • Diamond (bulbous)
  • Half-moon
  • Rectangular (straight)
  • Ellipse


The coarse side is especially suitable for filing acrylic or gel layers, while the fine side is perfect for all work on natural nails and for filing at the transitions. Furthermore, it allows for smoothing out the finest irregularities in a manicure.


  • One side 100 (coarse), one side 180 (fine)
  • Durable and stable
  • Salon-quality, nail studio-grade
  • 2 different grits for the perfect combination of various filing tasks
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