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Silk Straight

Dieses Produkt ist in den angegebenen Farben und Längen sofort lieferbar. Falls Sie eine andere Farbe, Länge, Struktur oder Qualität wünschen bieten wir unter - die Möglichkeit individuell Ihrem Wunsch gefertigte Extensions in Auftrag zu geben. Nur so ist es uns möglich eine breite Auswahl an Typen, Strukturen und Farbkombination anzubieten. Sobald wir Ihre Bestellung für den Versand vorbereiten erhalten Sie eine Bestätigungsemail mit passender Sendungsnummer.

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Hair length


Determine the desired hair length with the help of the regulator.

Please note that the hair length is measured in the straight state, regardless of the selected hair structure.

For lace wig models with a hair length of and a hair density of we use approx. grams of human hair.






Straight hair length
Wavy hair length
Curly hair length

Please note that the colors shown can be displayed differently depending on the output device used and only serve as orientation. Our pattern color ring provides an accurate representation of the hair colors.

Hair color

Hair colour




Jet black


Darkest brown


Medium reddish brown


Chestnut brown


Medium ash brown

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More details

You can find more information about Extensions below. If you have more questions, take a look at our blog or contact us via our contact form.


Our U-tip extensions or bondings undergo a meticulous manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality. They are hand-sorted and then equipped with keratin bondings. Special attention is given to aligning the natural cuticle of the human hair to prevent tangling.
We source our human hair exclusively from certified origin countries to meet the highest quality standards. The used human hair is extremely durable and has a long lifespan.

Remy Human Hair

1 gram human hair per U-Tip strand

50gr. / 50 pcs.


Best value for money.


Extensions by Estrella offer you unrestricted freedom in hairstyles and styling. Unlike often cheap synthetic hair extensions, our extensions made from real hair can be easily styled, blow-dried, straightened, braided, or even treated with a curling iron.

When using styling tools, we recommend paying attention to a low temperature to avoid damaging the healthy cuticle layer of the real hair. This way, you preserve the quality and longevity of the hair.

A gentle coloring (toning) from light to dark is possible, but we recommend the assistance of a specialist. The hydrogen peroxide content should not exceed 4%. This option opens up additional possibilities for you to customize your hairstyle according to your individual preferences.

Heat Resistant




U-Tip bondings, which are located on human hair strands, are made of thermoplastic plastic. Due to the small size, bonding is barely noticeable or visible. With the help of heat tongs or an ultrasonic connector, the individual strands are welded with the own hair. Correctly applied, this method is harmless for the own hair. With appropriate care and application, the extensions can be worn for 3-4 months and then re-used.

  1. Dividing the hair into even sections starting from the neck with horizontal vertex
  2. Fix the protective plate along the vertex with brackets
  3. Use a tail comb to pull individual strands through the holes in the protective plate
  4. Place the hair strand in the U-shaped attachment of the U-tip extensions
  5. Melt the U-tip bondings with heat tongs and then squeeze the connection and roll with your fingers
    1. Make sure that no air bubbles arise
    2. Work your way up in other sections

We recommend:Attaching the U-tip extensions by a specialist who already has experience with the corresponding method.

Hair extension
Approx. 3 hours

Hair compaction
Approx. 2 hours

Attachment through heat

Attachment by a hairdresser


To remove the U-tip extensions, use a special bonding remover and a bonding plier. Divide the hair into the same sections as when inserting. Remove each vertex extension vertex, strand by strand. Apply the remover to the attachment. Press and loosen with the pliers. Then carefully pull out your own hair strand.



Removal by hairdresser

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