About Us

The company Estrella Beauty & Care was founded in 2017 as a start-up. The basic idea is to showcase and offer elaborately crafted lace wig wigs in various variations and configurations online. At the same time, we strive to redefine and revive the often stigmatized original form of a wig.

New frames and mesh materials, as well as the elaborate production at various locations worldwide where the endangered craft of knotting is still practiced, enable people, especially those dependent on real hair replacement due to illness or other issues, to have access to professional care.

Our main focus is on using high-quality materials and the qualitative production of each product in one of our selected manufacturing sites. A clear and essential presentation of the configuration options is particularly important to us. As an additional challenge, we aim to offer reasonable delivery times, especially for individually hand-knotted real hair products.

Since 2020, as a pre-qualified second hair specialist, we can also bill health insurance companies. For this purpose, through our partner branches, we offer the possibility of a direct contact person and support from a specialist on-site. From the initial consultation to professional advice on possible solutions, to active support – our partner branches take care of your personal needs.

Our common vision for the future is to be able to offer second hair replacement in its various forms that can be configured online. Both those in need of aids and beauty-oriented customers should be provided for to their fullest satisfaction. To achieve this, we continue to work on the structure and improve the associated processes. Furthermore, we aim to gradually expand our network of partners to be able to provide you with a contact person in your local area.

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